“State support to small business”

SAPSSI supported small and medium business in Azerbaijan by creating of ABAD public legal entity in 2016. As a result of this activity, the benefits of starting a business legally have become clear, and a new group of hundreds of small entrepreneurs has emerged in Azerbaijan.

ABAD's comprehensive support in various areas of business organization has encouraged many entrepreneurs with relevant potential to build and expand their businesses.

SAPSSI offers to foreign partners training program on the provision of state support to small business on the example of ABAD Ple. Within the framework of the program, both ABAD employees and invited experts will provide detailed information on various aspects of state support for small business in Azerbaijan, as well as discuss in an interactive way the opportunities to conduct similar projects in other countries.

The program is delivered by high level experts and officials of SAPSSI. Methods of delivery include lectures, case studies and exercises. Working language is English.